Caoutchouc – The Weeping Tree, 2020 // Kautsjuk – det gråtende treet, 2020

It is a well-known fact that Norway and the Western countries have made great economic and social profits from industries that refine raw materials from formerly colonised countries. The work examines power structures in relation to raw materials and the development of industry in a globalised world.

The work is based on the production of the Viking rubber goods factory in Heggedal during the early 1900s. The film shows a workshop from September 2020 where the local theatre group Holmen senior theatre rehearsed a sound work by composer Victoria Finstad Nunes.

The sound piece is based on original texts about rubber goods production written by Vikings director P.M. Røwde, among others. The texts are put together by Moi and Hedberg and are a poetic description of the development of the rubber boom that started in Brazil and spread to the UK and Asia.

Holmen teatergruppe with Johan Karlsen, Rygdi Margrete Gabrielsen, Sidsel Rødland Korsvoll, Unni Mølbach, Marit Lovise Kolstad
Teaterinstruktør Holmen seniorteater/ Cecilie Solberg Knudsen
Composition/ Viktoria Finstad Nunes
Film and clip/ Audun Severin Eftevåg
Film/ Benedikte Rønsen
Sound/ Florian Winther

Thank you to Teknisk museum i Oslo, Dag Henning Sæther, Asker kulturskole, Yngvild Færøy, Espen Tandberg og Per Sletaune ved Heggedal fabrikker, and a huge thank you to Holmen seniorteater og Cecile Solberg Knudsen.

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

Exhibited at Trafo kunsthall 7.11 2020 - 7.2 2021 as a part of group exhibition Industri, and at Høstutstillingen 2022. 

Foto Jens Hamran

Foto Jens Hamran