Changes in Three Dimensions (2015)

Changes in Three Dimensions is a participative work where the audience has first viewed Gustav Vigeland’s exhibited sculptures, and then produced their own interpretations in clay. This piece involves a person being charged with interpreting the clay figure of the previous audience member, and so on. In this way, a number of figures have been produced over a period of time. The number of figures is based on the results of six different workshops.

In this project, the artists emphasise how we can interpret our own experience in an artistic idiom, whilst also acknowledging that the story is not an established truth.
Changes in Three Dimensions was first shown at The Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2015 Art Belongs to Those Who See It, at The Vigeland Museum in Oslo in 2015. Curator Anne Szefer Karlsen.

Participants: A total of some 70 people participated at an open studio during the Oslo Open Art Festival, the Oslo Culture Night and at two workshops arranged during the Norwegian Sculpture Biennial at The Vigeland Museum.