Changes in the Norwegian Landscape

This piece is made in several different versions and is based on oral interpretations of a text from a tourist leaflet describing a Norwegian landscape in flux, from the Ice Age to the present day. The text functions as a metaphor for the contemporary European social climate.

Participants newly arrived to Norway have been asked by the artists to participate in a game of Chinese Whispers, where they listen to each other and try to reproduce the sound voiced by the previous player. Language breaks down and becomes new associative words with strange phonetic repetitions of phonemes. This project involves an exploration of the auditory and social interpretation of language and communication, and concerns a landscape in flux.
The work was first initiated in 2003 by Hedberg Moi invited by Ballongmagasinet, a radio program for sound art. In the ensuing years, it has been performed as film, sound and performance at LARM festival in 2007 and has been shown at different venues such as The Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad; Cinemateket in Oslo; The Stockholm House of Culture; Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo; and as a commisioned piece at Lørenskog House of Culture in 2012. 

Participants in the sound piece (2003) and videowork: Juan Carlos Gómez, Annie Anawana Haloba, Grant Hill, Farhad Kalantary, Mohammed Ahmed Majid, Lindaci Santos de Oliveira, Michel Pavlou, Sarah Rawlings, Tine Aamodt.