Coral Energy, 2023

CORAL ENERGY (2023), consists of a current newspaper clipping, a poetic interpretation of the text, an audio piece (10 min loop), and tempera on the wall. The work is a collaboration between the artists Anna Carin Hedberg, Ebba Moi, and composer Victoria Nunes Finstad.

The newspaper clipping describes how the tanker Coral Energy transports natural gas across the Baltic Sea. The tanker drift aimlessly - causing large emissions, indefinitely circling around Gotland while waiting for demand for the raw material, which is currently unstable. This results in significant environmental emissions. The artwork addresses the injustice of the situation and can be described as both political and poetic. 
Victoria Nunes Finstad (1999) is a Norwegian composer who works on interdisciplinary pieces where text, performance, and visual expressions are processed through compositional thinking. She writes works for chamber ensembles, orchestras, and voice, among other things. Hedberg and Moi have been collaborating since 2003. In their works, they explore the concept of changes and investigate structures that address processes of change in society.

The work was exhibitied at Tegnetriennalen 2023. 
Bitácora at Tenthaus, 13.10 - 22.12 2023.  


Photos: Øystein Thorvaldsen