Geological Changes (2015)

I am Your Telephone, and I Love You! Museum for Contemporary Art, Oslo
7.11 - 8.3 2015

Anna Carin Hedberg and Ebba Moi showed the video and soundwork Geologiske forandringer/Geological Changes produced by the Museum for Contemprary Art in Oslo and Telenor kulturarv together with Grunderfilm.
I am Your Telephone, and I Love You! represented a sidekick to the exhibition Rameau's Nephews with Sofie Berntsen and Karl Holmqvist. For the duration of the exhibition anyone could call a toll-free number, 800 400 50, from anywhere within Norway and listen to artist poetry.
The physical component of this project can be experienced in the museum. A classic red telephone booth is equipped with a screen where you can watch video and listen to audio recordings.

Twelve artists working with text have contributed answering machine messages: Sofie Berntsen / Nils Bech,
Caroline Bergvall, Lars Mørch Finborud, Marthe Ramm Fortun, Iselin Linstad Hauge, Ebba Moi / Anna Carin Hedberg, Karl Holmqvist, Kristian Skylstad, Vibeke Tandberg and Arne Vinnem.

I am Your Telephone, and I Love You! is an homage to the American poet and performance artist John Giorno's (b. 1936) work Dial-a-Poem from 1969. Giorno's objective was to bring poetry to a wider audience. People throughout the USA could call a number free of charge and hear poems.

Geological Changes has been produced in collaboration with the National Museum of Art Architecture and Design, Telenor Kulturarv and Grunderfilm. Curated by Stina Högqvist.

Participants/contributors in the film:
Sara Baban, Soledad Salinas Opazo, Zahra Rashid, Felipe Ridao and Rungnapa Plangphimai