Platform Huseby

Platform Huseby (2017) is an artistic collaboration that took place during Autumn 2016 until Spring 2017, between pupils from Huseby Lower Secondary School in Trondheim and the artists. Through an experimental investigation of the pupils’ own surroundings, Moi and Hedberg exploring how the sense of identity is established in relation to the familiar and unfamiliar. How do we establish relationships with the places with which we surround ourselves? The results of the process taking the form of a 22-metre drawing and concrete cast from the site where a new school is being built in Saupstad. The work was executed by the pupils of Huseby School.
Participants: 8th Grade Pupils from Vocational Training Course at Huseby School. Teacher: Mia Tallerås Dimmeldal. In collaboration with the Art in Schools project of The Cultural Rucksack in Trondheim.

Exhibition: Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst 2017
Photo from the exhibition: Ulla Schildt
Catalog: Ulf Carlsson