Solgården, 2022

Solgården is a permanent artwork consisting of a mural and a sundial in the schoolyard at Bakås School in Ellingsrud, Oslo. The artists Anna Carin Hedberg and Ebba Moi have designed a site-specific work based on a workshop on sun and shadow, together with pupils at Bakås School. Age 8 years old.

Skyggevegg is the result of drawings of shadows that the pupils made during the participatory project where they drew the outline of each other's shadows. 

Sundial is an interactive work where pupils are co-creators and can read the time with the help of their own shadow. The sundial is embedded in the asphalt and moulded in Terrazzo, a long-lasting natural material.
The school has been given a toolbox, a mobile sundial kit that activates the pupils to learn in practice and complements the permanent works of art in the schoolyard.

The art work is commissioned by Oslo kommunes art collection. 
Project leader: Marianne Hall
Art advisor and Curator: Yngvild Færøy

A podcast about the work is developed and produced by Yngvild Færøy at Notam. With music by Daniel Elmrhari.
You can listen to it here (in norwegian/swedish)

More info here (NO):

Foto: Trond A. Isaksen