7.11 - 7.2 2021 INDUSTRI - group exhibition at Trafo Kunsthall. 

Ebba Moi and Anna Carin Hedberg show the work Kautsjuk det gråtende treet.
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Formforandringer (Kvitebjørn kong Valemon) 
14.9 - 21.11 2019 at Eidsvollsplass, Oslo

The Norwegian Sculptor Association has the pleasure of inviting to the unveiling of the temporary sculpture by the artists Ebba Moi and Anna Carin Hedberg on September 14, 2019 at Eidsvolls Plass, Oslo. The sculpture shows three small bronze figures which are the result of a series of workshops where different participants have interpreted Vigeland's sculpture. Katinka Brodin reads from the story "Kvitebjørn kong Valemon". Welcome! Read more

Forandringer i det norske landskapet
23. mars 2017 – 16. april 2017
Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (TSSK)

The exhibition Forandringer i det norske landskapet/ Changes in the Norwegian Landscape
shows several of Ebba Moi and Anna Carin Hedberg’s collaborative artworks since 2003, as well as a newly produced work created in collaboration with students from Huseby Middle School in Trondheim. The exhibition is based on a community-oriented artistic practice which deals with the term “change” in different ways, described through participatory interpretation and re-interpretations. Read more